Volunteer Field Trip Coordinator

Our chapter is seeking a field trips coordinator to arrange outings to native plant destinations and other sites of ecological interest in SF and northern San Mateo County. Could that be you?

No special knowledge of native plants is needed, and you don't have to go on any of the field trips yourself -- but you might want to, because they're a lot of fun! We have a core of tried and true trip leaders, and we welcome your creative ideas for growing the program. Contact us at yerba.buena.cnps.chapter@gmail.com to learn more.

Want to help us engage people in fun outings? Here's a little more:

Keep track of hours spent coordinating field trips.

Begin at least one month ahead of newsletter deadline.

Schedule to avoid important events, (ex: garden shows, plant tour or plant sales).

Brainstorm ideas for new field trips.

Recruit volunteer field trip leaders.

Work with volunteer field trip leaders and co-sponsoring organizations, if any, to resolve date conflicts and any other issues.

For each field trip, gather information for publication in newsletter and/or website:

  • Name(s) of leader(s)
  • Description of trip
  • Meeting location
  • Start time and estimated end time (so people know whether to bring lunch or not)
  • Contact’s name
  • Contact’s email
  • Contact’s phone number, if possible
  • Provide a list of suggested items to bring or wear (ex: lunch and water if the walk is long and/or strenuous, shoes that can handle mud, etc.).

Create a document containing the appropriate seasonal introductory paragraph (with or without advice on what to do if rain is forecast) and all write ups, arranged earliest date to latest.

When information is complete, send file to newsletter editor. Proofread the field trips section during newsletter production.

After newsletter is finalized, publicize trips. Email write-ups for publication in his email newsletter. Email them to be sent out to the Google Group a few days prior to each trip, and to post on Facebook. Email them for posting on the web calendar, proofread after they’re posted. Optional: Post on local calendar websites; allow about a week for it to appear on the calendar.

If a trip leader is new to our system, email them the trip write up, as published. Request that they 1) keep track of the number of hours they and any co-leaders spend preparing for the trip as well as leading it, and 2) count the number of participants. As necessary, after each trip remind trip leader(s) to report the above information (no more than one reminder to each leader or co-leader). If they don’t send it, make an estimate.

Once a year provide a summary of completed field trip information on a spreadsheet. Provide an itemized list for use in the annual Chapter Activities Report.