Visitacion Valley Greenway Garden Tour

Visitacion Valley Greenway
Between Tucker Ave. and Tioga Ave. near Rutland St.

The Visitacion Valley Greenway is composed of a linear series of six publicly owned parcels (each a block long), cutting a verdant swath through the heart of Visitacion Valley. The space incorporates a native plant garden, children’s play garden, various fruit and street trees, public art made by community members, agricultural crops, an herb garden, and a Senior Pavilion.

The Visitacion Valley Greenway functions as a corridor of native and other beneficial plants that attract insect and avian pollinators. Pathways provide a pedestrian connection from the lower to the upper Valley. Soil erosion prevention, water wise irrigation, and drought-resistant planting methods are practiced. Thematic design of gates and fencing and sidewalks create a beautiful visual unity throughout the entire Greenway.

The northernmost Visitacion Valley Greenway park is the Native Plant Garden. In 2008 construction was completed on this spectacular site, which is devoted to native plants and environmental education. The California Academy of Science was instrumental in the design and selection of plant materials for this site on Tioga Avenue. The site is 200′ long with a 40′ drop, and a lovely winding pathway. As well as a showcase for the efficacy and beauty of a native plant garden for the general public to duplicate in their own backyards, the garden is a habitat for local wildlife and pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, insects and birds.

Favorite plants
Blue blossom (Ceanothus sp.), toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia), California buckeye (Aesculus californica).

Favorite feature
The whimsical ironwork on the fencing and gates highlighting local biodiversity, designed by Jim Growden (8 of the gates) and Fran Martin (2 of the gates).

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