Mona Caron


Instagram: @mona.caron

Pedicularis densiflora, indian warrior
This native wildflower, a natural herbal remedy for the treatment of anxiety, a soother of nerves and muscles, is reaching for color in these trying times, here in occupied Yelamu Ohlone territory, 277 Golden Gate, San Francisco.
Taking Root
This mural features the first wildflower (Amsinckia Menziesii) that made it back to a barren piece of land in Union City, California, after its rehabilitation from industrial pollution, and during the construction of a new affordable housing complex.
CA poppy_MonaCaron
California poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
El Camino Real, Hillsdale, CA
Brisbane Mural
This mural narrates the history of the small town of Brisbane, California, within a display of the native flora of nearby San Bruno Mountain.