Westwood Highlands garden

Roger & Phyllis Erickson began planting natives in 2012 in their Westwood Highlands garden including a clever reuse of a driveway median

When started:  2012

Neighborhood:  Westwood Highlands, San Francisco

Notable features: Front yard, driveway median and along the side path to the backyard gate is 100% Ca natives.  Backyard is a mix of approximately 20% Ca natives.

Favorite plants in your garden: Castilleja wightii (Wight’s paint brush).  Carpenteria, Eriogonum and Ceanothus in bloom!

Wildlife seen: Birds and lots of different species of bees.

Favorite thing about the garden: Watching it evolve over the past 8 years

Biggest challenge: Keeping the gophers at bay.

Advice for those who want to get started?  Some plants do well, and others not so well.  Over have the years we continuously added new plants to replace those that that did not survive.