Plants for Birds Program 2020

CNPS Yerba Buena is a proud partner of the Plants for Birds Program with the Golden Gate Audubon Society

This program is all about LOCAL! Local plants, local businesses and local gardens. It focuses on a few keystone plant species which are beautiful, resilient and directly benefit birds, butterflies and our environment.

By supporting local nurseries who offer native plants in San Francisco you are encouraging these businesses to become an important part of the solution for restoring the natural heritage of our unique ecologies.

California Thrasher co-evolved with and depend on the protein and fat rich berries of California Coffeeberry for nourishment

Meet our 2020 Native Bird-Friendly Plants: This short, curated list of plants has been selected to provide a foundation for your garden which can easily be added to in future years.

Ask for these at these participating nurseries (Please tell them GGAS or CNPS sent you and why you are interested in them):

These plants will provide years of enjoyment in your garden!

  • Fall and Winter is the planting season in our region. Learn more at our free Fall Gardening Webaganza October 4, 2020, 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Be amazed at the number and diversity of bees, butterflies and beneficial insects that attract birds to your yard!
  • Start a virtual “habitat revolution” in your neighborhood. Once native plants get established, you can share seeds and starts with your friends and neighbors.
    • When enough people in our community participate a critical mass of plant communities are created which increasingly benefits our wildlife.
  • Start your collection today! Add plants to your garden palette today while San Francisco’s growers and nurseries prepare for future years of increasing local biodiversity.

Why Natives?

Native plants benefit our unique ecology, our birds and our local economy. We see it pretty simply, native plants are a winning choice for San Francisco gardeners because they are:

*         Easy – Native plants are easy to grow in San Francisco’s climate and soils. This means less maintenance and, once established, less plant care.

*         Perform – These plants thrive in the unique conditions present at the northern San Francisco peninsula. After the first year these selections grow with little coddling. Plant it and forget it.

*         Earth-Friendly – These plants have evolved to endure San Francisco’s pests, heat, fog, natural rainfall and other environmental conditions. They require neither pesticides or herbicides which means a healthier, happier planet.

*         Beautiful – Native plants are gorgeous. If you haven’t seen a Red Flowering Currant in bloom, we suggest you take a moment and check it out. These native plants are great additions for your garden or patio. We’re not recommending a total plant makeover today but just adding a few of these gorgeous native plants can make a world of difference for birds, butterflies and bees.

*         Food for Birds – You will be helping birds raise their chicks, and who isn’t happy about that? American songbirds need native plants to feed their chicks and to stay fed throughout the year. In the spring, all songbirds pick off caterpillars to feed their chicks. In the fall and winter, the seeds and fruits from native plants are excellent sources of energy.

*         Available and high habitat value – Golden Gate Audubon and the California Native Plant Society Yerba Buena chapter have researched and selected these native plants. Add the plants that made this year’s “Native Bird-Friendly Plants of the Year”.