On a mountain with SF specialties

This garden features a steep chert slope and several locally rare plants lovingly cared for by local biodiversity advocate Denise Louie

Neighborhood: Mira Glen

Design:  Andrew Scavullo (Nature’s Acres Nursery) and homeowner

Maintenance:  Homeowner

Garden Size: 3000 square feet

Started:  2011

Notable Features:  Rare and endangered Franciscan manzanita, purchased from Bay Natives prior to the R&E designation.  Rare and locally significant cream flowering Franciscan wallflower, Erysimum franciscanum; columbine, Aquilegia formosa; and coast iris, Iris longipetala.  California State grass purple needlegrass, Stipa pulchraBlue blossom, Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, one of the plants that gave Mt. Davidson its previous name, Blue Mountain. Fiesta flower, Pholistoma auritum, from seed I brought back from Treasure Island–with permission–to reintroduce to San Francisco proper. A dozen or more volunteer species occurring naturally include grasses (blue wild rye, Elymus glaucus; California brome, Bromus carinatus; Melica), ferns (California polypody, Polypodium californicum; goldback fern, Pentagramma triangularis), wildflowers and herbs (blue-eyed grass, Sisyrinchium bellum; wild cucumber, Marah fabacea; edible miner’s lettuce, aka Indian lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata; hairy wood rush, Luzula comosa, said to be a treasure; and one shrub (toyon, Heteromeles arbutifolia, which is green year round).  Steep uphill backyard slope on Mt. Davidson and no irrigation pipes, chemicals, power tools or helpers. Wall of chert on one side.

  • Fiesta flower, Pholistoma auritum