Happy Plantsgiving

In 2020, Yerba Buena chapter initiated three horticulture programs to help solve the sourcing problem for local native plants with a goal of spreading the plant love through our new “Plantsgiving” program

  1. Plantsgiving of the Franciscan: In the summer of 2020, under permits generously provided by the San Mateo County Parks, Yerba Buena volunteers began carefully collecting cuttings from species of hardy, local natives. We took the cuttings to a wholesale nursery utilizing pathogen control best practices. These cuttings were grown to a size large enough to put in the ground and/or transplant into larger pots. In November 2020 we picked up our first batch of 700 potted starts (purchased through chapter funds).
  2. 1000 Oaks project: 2020 was a large mast year for Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) in the bay area. Our volunteers gathered fallen acorns from sidewalks along public right-of-ways.  The acorns were potted up with pots and soil donated by Bay Natives Nursery. They are currently sending tap roots and we anticipate transferring viable plants to larger pots soon. Thanks Paul Furman!
  3. Backyard Micro-Nurseries:  A complimentary program, also aimed at increasing native plant supply is our member backyard grow. Currently we have 6 members who are propagating natives in their backyard from local seed also using best practices for pathogen control. In 2021 we hope to expand this network as we anticipate increased demand.

Member of the Wetland Explorers youth group plants a Coastal Sage from the CNPS Yerba Buena Plantsgiving program in the wildfire burn area being restored at Heron’s Head park in San Francisco.  Photo: Joe Rodrigues

Through these programs Yerba Buena distributed over 1000 free native plants in 2020 to deserving community projects including:

  1. Sunset Blvd. Biodiversity Corridor
  2. Potrero Gateway Ecopatch
  3. Nature in the City
  4. Bernal Cut Path
  5. Detroit Steps (Sunnyside Neighborhood Association)
  6. Russian Hill Neighborhood Association
  7. Pier 94 (GGAS)
  8. Heron’s Head Park
  9. Pacifica Beach Coalition
  10. Greenwich Steps
  11. Hummingbird Farm (PODER)
  12. Minnesota Street Grove (Potrero/Dogpatch Green Benefit District)

Tere Almaguer plants a Coastal Sage start at the PODER Hummingbird Garden Dec. 2020

A nest for young Coastal Sage at the PODER Hummingbird Garden