Focus on Rarities

Learn about the many rare and beautiful native plants of the San Francisco Bay Area through this series of informative and well written articles.

Marin Dwarf Flax & serpentine (Hesperolinon congestum)

By Michael Wood

In the December issue of Yerba Buena News, we introduced Clarkia franciscana (which has just been federally listed as Endangered),a species occurring only on soils […]

Raven’s manzanita (Arctostaphylos hookeri ssp. ravenii)

By Michael Wood

No discussion of our chapter area’s rare and endangered plants would be complete without mention of Raven’s manzanita. Also known as the Presidio manzanita, it […]

Presidio clarkia (Clarkia franciscana)

By Michael Wood

Plant taxa can be considered rare for a variety of reasons. Species that could all be called rare inlcude those that occur very infrequently but […]

Lessingia (Lessingia germanorum)

By Michael Wood

This new column is intended to familiarize our members with some of San Francisco and San Mateo counties’ rare, endangered, and otherwise unique plant species. […]