Calling all artists!

Writers, painters, designers, photographers, videographers, digital artists

Help beautify our world!

Graphic designers

We have many pamphlets, brochures, handouts and PDFs that to be made presentable to the public. As you know, people read the page before they read the page. Your visual cues and organizational skills can help communicate the beauty and usefulness of native plants in an instant.

Historical ecology researchers and writers

Are you a writer who also enjoys researching historical essays of the San Francisco Bay Area? There is a treasure trove of natural and cultural information available about our unique local ecologies, and we are looking for someone to explore and research these fascinating stories to share with our members. Our goal is to learn more about our natural history of the past to inform future actions. These stories will be posted on our website and in the Newsletter. We can share links and resources to get you started.

Biodiversity and botanical artists

Help us promote local biodiversity through expressions of beauty! If you are an artist with a passion for our fantastic local flora and fauna, we invite you to spread the passion through painting, sketching, photography, or any creative means. We will use these works in printed brochures, the Newsletter, and website.

Field Photographer/Videographer

We need people who can visually tell stories with an image or a video. The perfect candidate will be creative and self-directed. The Yerba Buena chapter area is filled with beautiful native plants and wildlife just waiting to be documented. You’ll capture our amazing landscape for use in email communications, flyers, social media and  website. The content you create may even be used to persuade decision makers at government agencies. You will also cover special events like our plant sale and native garden tour.

Speaker Series Videographer

Our speaker series presentations have been so entertaining and enlightening, members are starting to ask if we could record them. This is where you come in. We need someone with a camera and some knowledge of sound and lighting to come to every meeting. The videographer will need to deliver a file of the presentation to our publicity coordinator to share online.

Interested in any of these opportunities? Contact us today!