Habitat Revolution for Yerba Buena

Bob Hall with one of many trays of wistful acorns collected from local Live Oak trees in public right-of-ways potted up for the Yerba Buena chapter's "Happy Plantsgiving!" program

Seeding the future for a Habitat Revolution:

Tiny San Francisco County has an amazing 461 known local indigenous plants but only a small fraction of vegetated lands in SF include them. An ongoing problem for re-bio-diversifying the San Francisco peninsula is a lack of native plant supply. The commercial landscape industry has largely homogenized its practices selling and planting the same non-native, pest resistant species without regard for wildlife support or ecosystem service.

To help offset the lack of local native plants available locally our chapter has long dreamed of starting a nursery but lease costs in SF are prohibitively high. Working with the CNPS Habitat Revolution model however we’ve come up with some winning strategies. (Learn more about the Habitat Revolution from CNPS Flora Magazine Summer 2019).

Collaborations and Projects of the Habitat Revolution for Yerba Buena:

Perhaps our most exciting new programs involve collaborations with agencies and local conservation non-profits. With these groups, we are experimenting with native plant test areas to develop winning strategies for larger biodiversity revitalization projects in our future.

Read all about our major projects and collaborations in the posts below:

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Support your local native nursery

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