Biodiversity Resources

Beautiful and informative Native Plant brochures

Our latest! SF peninsula Biodiversity Posters



Attracting pollinators with attractive natives:

Plants for Birds program

Gardening with Natives brochures & helpful links:

Pink Flowering Currant, Ribes Sanguinenum

Edible and Medicinal natives:

San Francisco peninsula resources




Plant lists for San Francisco plant communities



Biodiversity inventory tools

Biodiversity-related resources and lists:

Other Urban Municipalities' Plans for Tackling Biodiversity Loss:

Integrating Nature into the Urban Landscape: H.T. Harvey
Making Nature's City: SFEI
Portola Valley Sustainability Plan
Re-Oaking Silicon Valley: SFEI
Southern California MET joins other water districts, have a plan
The Conservation Lands Network 2.0


Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (50+ Years)

Vancouver Biodiversity Strategy One of our favorites!
ReWilding Vancouver
Biodiversity Strategy for Toronto

Chicago Wilderness and Its Biodiversity Recovery Plan
Chicago Wilderness Priority Species

New York:
New York City Nature Goals 2050
Biodiversity Assessment for New York City
Native Species Planting Guide for New York City
Biodiversity in New York's State Park System

Join the BiodiversitySF Forum

One of the ideas presented at the event was the creation of a Biodiversity forum for our community to share future ideas, agency and community meeting details, information related to biodiversity, best practices, educational opportunities, and restoration and habitat change events or happenings.

In that spirit, we have created the BiodiversitySF forum.

Join in the conversation by submitting your email address below. If you know of others who were not at the event but have interest in topics related to the biodiversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, please share this link: