SF Biodiversity Vision 2020 Brainstorm

Dear near-future Biodiversisists, we are so looking forward to seeing you at the SF Biodiversity Vision 2020 event! Plant-based foods are coming (yummy cheese too), beverages are chilling, we just need you to be with us. Here's the 411: http://cnps-yerbabuena.org/biodiversity-vision-2020-sf/

For the no-holds-barred, fast-paced brainstorming session at the event we wanted to share the rule:

  1. There are no rules.

OK, there will time limits on how long we can spend on jotting and sharing ideas but, please be assured: No ideas are too crazy.

How might it go? A couple of folks will supply a few broad based questions. It's up to you to activate your informed imaginations and share ideas. Prep if you want or just let the juices flow.

After the event we will share (anonymously) all ideas that are shared at the event with all participants.

To "spike the idea punch" so to speak, we hope some of these subjects and ideas the Yerba Buenos came up with might inspire you in advance.

How can SF use technology to encourage biodiversity?
Create a digital dashboard that quantifies biodiversity gains. The dashboard will show metrics like tons of concrete removed, acres of shoreline restored, number of new parks opened, number of green roofs installed, etc.
How can San Francisco educate the public about biodiversity?
The city should hire a naturalist who can interpret the natural world for its citizens.
How can San Francisco encourage local agencies to support biodiversity?
San Francisco’s Urban Forestry Council is given a new mandate to encourage biodiversity and changes its name to the Urban Ecology Council.
How can San Francisco unite communities to encourage biodiversity?
Build an Eco Center with a native plant nursery staffed by the under-served community (in the spirit of the Delancey Street Project and Plowshares Nursery in Alameda)
How can San Francisco encourage homeowners to care about biodiversity?
The city starts a backyard habitat certification program that gives neighbors bragging rights, a la LEEDs/SITES certification.
How can San Francisco encourage developers to restore biodiversity?
Impose an assessment fee that goes in to a fund for mitigation and habitat restoration.
Parks, Open Space and Shorelines, Environmental Justice
How can we encourage more biodiversity in green and blue areas of the city?
Incorporate living shoreline corridor along with the developments in Dogpatch and Bayview (India Basin, Shipyard, Candlestick, etc.)
How can non-profits help San Francisco encourage biodiversity?
Create a brown bag lunch series that educates city employees about biodiversity and our natural history.