Gardening With Natives

Native plant gardens conserve water, provide vital habitat and resources for wildlife, while reinforcing our local coastal identity. Interesting in every season, native gardens provide a window into the world of pollination and bird /plant interaction. From gorgeous Checkerspot and Swallowtail butterflies to little-noticed solitary bees and native ants, vibrant pink Clarkia and dainty beach strawberry plants hum with insects and the many birds that eat them. Use the articles below as a resource to help get your native garden up and buzzing fast.

Featured Post

Native Plant Gardening in San Francisco’s Back Yards

By Pinky Kushner | 0 Comments

The CNPS Yerba Buena Chapter is proud to announce a new gardening-for-wildlife project called Back Yard Natives. San Francisco is unusual in its back yard […]

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