Local Plant Lists


Franciscan wallflower, Erysimum franciscanum, Grandview Park

The Locally Significant Plant List for San Francisco County previously posted here has been updated. It has also been completely reformatted.

Thanks to work done over a number of years by Yerba Buena chapter and board member Mike Wood, information provided by chapter members and others has been compiled into a searchable spreadsheet. To access that resource, please go to Locally Significant Plants For San Francisco County, or select one of the PDFs linked directly below. To see Mike's full range of work on cataloging San Francisco's plants, including site specific check lists, click here.

Locally Significant Plant Lists as PDFs

Sorted Alphabetically by Genus (101 KB PDF)

Sorted by Ranking (105 KB PDF)

Sorted by Significance Index Score (105 KB PDF)

Explanation of Significant Criteria and Rankings (154 KB PDF)