Speaker Series

Everyone is welcome to attend membership meetings in the Recreation Room of the San Francisco County Fair Building (SFCFB) at 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park. The #71 and #44 buses stop at the building. The N-Judah, #6, #43, and #66 lines stop within 2 blocks.
Before our programs, we take our speakers to dinner at Chang’s Kitchen, 1030 Irving Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. Join us for good Chinese food and interesting conversation. Meet at the restaurant at 5:30 pm. RSVP appreciated but not required. If you wish to notify, please call Jake Sigg at 415-731-3028.


November 7, Thursday, 7:30 pm

Management of the Rare Plants and Butterflies of San Bruno Mountain

Speaker:  Hannah Ormshaw

San Bruno Mountain State and County Park is a habitat island amidst a sea of urbanization, and is home to a variety of rare, threatened, and endangered plant and wildlife species - some of which occur only in this park. This talk will outline recent efforts to map and catalog rare plant populations, describe the critical habitat requirements for the four protected butterfly species found in the park, and discuss the ongoing efforts for habitat management for the benefit of these protected species.

Hannah Ormshaw is a Natural Resource Specialist for the San Mateo County Parks Department, and is the primary staff person involved in the implementation and oversight of the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan. She is regularly out on the mountain conducting butterfly monitoring activities, doing vegetation surveys and mapping, and coordinating habitat management activities. She is also the senior biologist for all natural resource management activities in all county parks, and is academically trained as a geographer.


No programs in December 2019 or January 2020


February 6, 2020, Thursday, 7:30 pm

San Francisco's Changing Landscape---A Picture History

Speaker:  Greg Gaar

The slide presentation will show the evolution of San Francisco's landscape with historic photos of the dunes, grasslands, trees, creeks, lakes and the Bayshore. Greg will discuss what has been lost and what is being preserved of San Francisco's natural heritage.

Greg Gaar is a native San Franciscan who became an environmentalist and park advocate because he watched the loss of the open spaces where he played as a youngster.  He was a photojournalist for forty years and collects historic photos and negatives of San Francisco. Many of these images can be seen on the website of the Western Neighborhoods Project  (Google OpenSFHistory)

Greg is a longtime supporter of habitat restoration. He maintains a San Francisco native plant nursery at the Golden Gate Park Community Garden. The plants propagated at the nursery are given away to the public and to Golden Gate Park gardeners or are used for the numerous native plant gardens that Greg has planted over the last twenty years.


March 5, 2020, Thursday, 7:30 pm

An Urban Biodiversity Inventory

Speaker:  Peter Brastow