Field Trips

CNPS- Yerba Buena Natural History Walks:

We have a bountiful bevy of entertaining and informative walks coming in 2018!

All are welcome (some trips you need to register for but most you don't). We're out there...get out there with us!

Sunday, May 27, 11am - 1pm

FIELD TRIP: Butterflies, Wildflowers and Views from Sign Hill Park

Leaders: Liam O’Brien, Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadt

Liam O'Brien is San Francisco's well-known lepidopterist, artist, illustrator, and Bay Nature's award-winning environmental educator.  Loretta Brooks and Chuck Heimstadt live on the edge of Sign Hill and have become its ardent stewards, and participants will benefit from their collective knowledge and enthusiasm.  We expect to see plenty of wildflowers with beautiful vistas, not to mention butterflies.  A portion of this gorgeous grassland is protected with Sign Hill Park, but the other 47 acres, equally worthy of preservation, are privately owned and vulnerable to development.

Significant rain or wind cancels.  We will walk at a leisurely pace, but due to the uneven ground and steep trails, we recommend wearing sturdy shoes and long pants.  Meet Sunday morning (11:00 am) at Sign Hill's west entrance:  from Oyster Point off 101, go west on Hillside Blvd., turning off Hillside to Stonegate Drive and continue uphill to the left to Ridgeview Court with the cross street Carnelian at the end.

No need to sign up but contact with any questions.


Saturday, June 16, 10am

FIELD TRIP: Daly City Dunes, San Bruno Mountain

Leader: Doug Allshouse

Who could imagine a 300-foot deep sand dune system that dates back about 125,000 years 2 miles from the ocean? Located at the mouth of lower Colma Canyon are the Daly City Dunes, a remnant of the Ancient Colma Dune Formation that once stretched from Colma to the Presidio, but now is fragmented by development in western San Francisco and Daly City. A piece of this site is relatively intact and supports a specific ecosystem not usually found at such a distance from the coast. Of great interest is the presence of San Francisco lessingia (Lessingia germanorum) an endangered dune plant now found only in the Presidio and the Dunes, its only known population in San Mateo County. Also present at the dunes is San Francisco spineflower (Chorizanthe cuspidata), dune suncup (Camissonia strigulosa), miniature suncup (Camissoniopsis micrantha), California suncup (Camissoniopsis bistorta), and blue beach lupine (Lupinus chamissonis). There is a population of California pipe vine nearby (Aristolochia californica) which means the sighting of beautiful Pipe Vine Swallowtails (Batus philenor) and their larvae is a distinct possibility. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for sand.

Thiers Street intersects Hillside Blvd between the Mission Street/John Daly Blvd intersection and the East Market Street intersection. Meet at the Hilldale School at the junction of Thiers and Florence Streets. Contact Doug at, text or call 415-269-9967 if you have questions or need directions.